"When my wife first told me that she wanted to hire a doula, I was skeptical. Besides, I thought "what more does she need than me? Her own husband?" Even though, I had never been present for a birth. After meeting with Melissa, I really felt like she was a wealth of knowledge and had provided me with great insight into the birthing process. After meeting her, I started to wonder if I was wrong about having a doula. The day of my wife's labour, I saw Melissa's gifts come to life as she supported my wife through the early stages of her labour and prepared her for the birth. She never left our side and I felt only confidence that we were taken care of during the whole process. Originally I thought having a doula would detract from my role in bringing my son into this world but she added comfort and confidence for myself and my wife in ways we didn't think imaginable. Thank you Melissa for contributing so much energy and care to our new family!" - JP


"Support. Comfort. Calm in the storm. Strong. Steady. All of these words can only begin to capture the feeling I had with Melissa guiding me through my birth. Her knowledge of the process, her innate ability to listen to what I was and was not saying and to know where I needed to go next was incredible. I had a difficult and arduous birth and she held my hand the whole way. My husband and I were able to connect and be in the moment because she helped me to manage my pain and keep me flexible about challenges during the birth. I hope to have her at every future birth and am so glad she was one of the first people to meet my little valentine." - AP


"Having Melissa as my doula was a wonderful experience. Having her by my side with her expertise made me feel at ease throughout the whole birth experience. I knew that if I didn't know how or what to do that she was there to help me through it all! It was as comforting as having my mother by my side! Thank you Melissa for everything! I am so glad to have met someone as wonderful as you." - CG & LD


"I would like to take a moment and share with future moms about my experience with my Doula, Melissa. From the moment I met Melissa, she was warm, caring, lovely and motherly. My husband and I knew without a doubt, she would help us have a wonderful birth. Melissa spent time with me in our home, making me feel very comfortable about what to expect during delivery; she always put my husband and I at ease. Melissa had a subtle and gentle way of always including hubby into our discussions and visits. Melissa helped me construct a birthing plan, and lent me meditation CD's and books to read, many…many…wonderful resources. Melissa also checked in with me daily to ensure I was feeling good emotionally…she always made herself available. My favourite time, I spent with Melissa was during prayer; and knowing Melissa was a strong Christian lady, also made me realize that I had to invite God into my pregnancy and labour/delivery. As I did, I had the most memorable and wonderful labour experience. Thank You Melissa for being at my side…We can't thank you enough!" - L & L K


"With my first birth, I found the contractions unbearable and required an epidural very early on, which resulted in my son needing to be vacuumed out. Due to this intervention he developed jaundice and we needed to stay at the hospital an additional four days while he was treated. With my second birth I wanted to try my best to avoid an intervention. I was amazed that with Melissa's help I was able to avoid an epidural and had a natural birth. Her support was invaluable and I will be forever grateful to Melissa. It was awesome." - RH


"Honestly, I was skeptical that anything would help my wife after the birth of our first child. But with Melissa's awesome support, my wife rocked the birth. I was pretty amazed!" - MH


"From the moment I met Melissa I knew I wanted her to be a part of the biggest most special event of my life... giving birth to my beautiful baby boy. She carriers herself with grace and is compassionate and kind. Melissa made my childbirth experience an incredible one. She offers love and support yet gives direction and encouragement when needed. She is there with you every step of the way and you know she is your champion and cares deeply for the safe arrive of your baby. I am truly blessed to have had Melissa as my Doula and would recommend her to anyone!" - J B


"After making the choice to have a birth free of any type of pain medication my husband and I decided to look into having a Doula for extra support during the labour and delivery process. From the day we met with Melissa to the moment I gave birth to our daughter, the love that Melissa has for babies and their mothers was a blessing unto us that I could not have imagined. She was a wealth of knowledge to us during our prenatal visits and was able to equip us with a great understanding of what labour and delivery would be like and provided us with coping methods that we could use during the process. Our birth experience was absolutely amazing and I know that she did everything she could to make it the best possible experience for us. Looking ahead if we are blessed with more children I would absolutely request Melissa's services again and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to have a Doula as part of there birth team." - C & S H.


"During my pregnancy, Melissa was supportive and sincerely interested in my progress and well-being. But it was during the birth of my son that I came to really appreciate her not only for her excellent technical skills to alleviate the pain of contractions, but also for her incredible strength and compassion towards my sufferance. During the most intense moments I was looking for her like a child looks for her mother. I think that there is no economic quantity that can measure the value of her care towards a mother during those moments. In spite of a difficult birth I had a wonderful experience with Melissa and I think of her with utmost gratitude. I wholeheartedly recommend her to every future mother." - Laura


"Hiring Melissa Bone as our doula was one of the best decisions we could have made for our pregnancy and delivery journey. I'm fairly certain that I would not have had the unmedicated vbac that I desired if it had not been for her calm, reassuring, knowledgeable presence throughout my pregnancy and through every contraction during labour. She creatively made the three square feet of space I was allowed to labour in full of possibilities. She made the hospital birth of our son feel like the most natural thing in the world and a true celebration of life." - S. & J. W.


"After the traumatic birth of our Son we knew right away that we would benefit from the support of a Doula this time. After meeting with Melissa we knew that her calm personality and past experiences were exactly what we needed for our Daughters coming birth. I felt that the support she provided during my pregnancy was personalized to be what I needed. Towards the end she would send messages of encouragement that helped me get through the last long days of my pregnancy. She helped guide me from the first early moments of my labour right through to the end. She was able to see the type of support that I needed at different times during my labour, although what I ended up needing was different then what we had previously discussed. Her support helped me to be able to experience the birth that I wanted in the place that I was most comfortable giving birth. A very beautiful birth after a previous traumatic birth. Thank you Melissa for sharing this experience with us!" - E. R.


"My husband and I were put at ease immediately by Melissa's genuinely caring nature. She is knowledgeable, open minded and attends to details while allowing parents to pursue their own birth plan. We would recommend Melissa without hesitation. She is a trustworthy, empathetic individual with a sincere love for helping mothers, fathers and babies through pregnancy and the birthing process." - M & G. M.


"My daughter's birth was the most challenging, empowering and beautiful experience of my life, in large part thanks to Melissa's doula support. During my pregnancy, she answered questions I didn't even know I had and changed my attitude towards the birth process. She was a source of patience and wisdom as my due date came and went, and on the day that our baby finally chose to arrive, Melissa's presence gave my husband and me the confidence to labour at home until we felt it was time to go to the hospital. She kept me going at every stage of the birth--and to top it off, she took wonderful photos of our first moments together as a family." - E. K.


Beamsville Mom S.W. shared the experience of having a Doula for support. "Melissa was our Labour Doula and provided my husband and I calm and continued support during the whole experience including physical, emotional and spiritual," W. said."She alleviated much of our fear and anxiety regarding labour through her suggestions and help methods, including masage for hours of back labour, and her reassuring manner. Because of Melissa's focus and calm presence, we were better able to enjoy one of life's most rewarding and challenging experiences," W. said.


"Before the birth of our son, Melissa's visits were always a welcome event. She took great pains to get to know us as individuals and to tailor her gifts as a doula to our specific needs. As first time parents she provided a wealth of knowledge and direction without overwhelming us. She was a very loving, supportive and encouraging partner in the birth process. She had an innate sense of how to work WITH us and FOR us. During the birth itself she provided the kind of help and support that allowed us to focus on the arrival of our new child. Her presence made the experience a much richer and calmer one - one that we enjoyed despite the usual trials that accompany giving birth. Melissa brought her rich experience in caregiving and counselling and used it to make us feel very positive about the arrival of our son. We feel richer for having had her at our side. We can't recommend her highly enough" - C. R.


"Melissa found strength in me that I didn't know I had and helped to make the birth of our son an amazing celebration." - S. E.


"My husband and I absolutely loved working with Melissa. Her extensive experience coupled with her incredible calming techniques, natural ability to soothe using her tranquil voice, kind demeanor and warm smile made the experience so wonderful that I will never deliver another baby without a doula. She always knew where to put her hands to help with each and every contraction, and ensured my husband was part of the experience from start to finish. Melissa was worth every penny!" - C&A. D.


"After having a wonderful experience with a doula in another city, my husband and I were very picky about finding just the right doula for the birth of our second child. We were thrilled when we met Melissa, as she was exactly the calm, knowledgeable, and respectful person we were hoping to find! Melissa provided tremendous support prior to the birth, and was invaluable in connecting us with needed resources. Melissa was even able to help us find someone willing to be called in the middle of the night to look after our toddler during the birth when our other plans for child care fell through. Melissa was also there for us after the birth when our daughter refused to nurse once we were sent home from hospital after her tongue-tie had been severed (the hospital staff could not help us, as we had been discharged). Despite having an unplanned c-section due to a breech baby, and therefore not being able to use Melissa's doula support as we had planned, we strongly feel that Melissa was well worth her fee. We highly recommend her regardless of your birth plan!" A &N


"We decided late in the pregnancy to find a doula and I'm so happy that we did. I immediately felt at ease with Melissa and found the prep sessions really helpful. During the birth of our son, she was able to anticipate what I needed and help me through the pain physically, emotionally and spiritually. At the hospital it was so reassuring to have someone who knew their way around birth, the hospital and was there 100% to take care of myself and my husband. She supported my decisions and was a motivational cheerleader throughout the entire process. Our son's birth was an incredibly positive experience and Melissa played a huge role in that." K & D. B.


""My husband and I were initially unsure of whether we could justify the additional expense of hiring a doula to the already costly enterprise of having a child, but changed our minds immediately upon meeting Melissa.  It was not only her warmth and her kindness, which were apparent from the start, but also her knowledge and open-mindedness that led us to decide upon having her present at the birth of our child.  It was truly one of the best decisions we have ever made!  As a result, the birth of our daughter was the joyous and beautiful experience we had hoped for, and not the frightening and clinical experience we feared.  People refer sometimes to the trauma of childbirth, but for us there was nothing traumatic; it was simply wonderful, thanks in large part to Melissa.  I cannot recommend her highly enough." C.P. & A.J.


"I just want to say thank you. Your support and help through our labor and birth was incredible! You made it such a great experience, even through complications. As a husband, it was pretty hard seeing S. in pain like that. You were a great support for myself as well and helped me be a better birth partner." C&D. D.


"Matt and I can't thank you enough for your labour doula guidance and everthing you invested into our birth. Your visits leading up to my due date allowed the 3 of us to build a friendship and a trust for each other. Knowing you looked at my labour holistically was a blessing and allowed my fiancé to step up to help in the delivery was amazing. Your motivation and calming aura made us stronger then I ever thought I could be. With every passing breath your talents brought our baby into a beautiful birthing experience. You have imprinted on all our hearts, thank you for your prayers and blessings. When we decide to do this again I hope to have you at our side. P.S. the frosty was such a nice treat." B.C. & M.H.


"I can't imagine the birth of our daughter without Melissa. She was there for us during a very stressful time as we had just moved to a new town so her pre-natal care was wonderful, but it was during the labour and delivery that she really shined. The depth of knowledge which she possesses with regard to different labour positions and therapeutic touch was immensely helpful to both my husband and I. You really won't get that kind of attention from a nurse (this coming from a nurse). Her calming character and non-judgemental attitude is hard to come by. We also appreciated the post-natal visit to our home when we were struggling with breastfeeding. Would recommend her to anyone looking for a happy birth story." A & J


"My husband and I had the privilege to have Melissa involved as our Doula for the birth of our son. She was a great support during appointments always having your best interest at heart. During labour Melissa was excellent. She was able to put my mind at ease and focus on the task at hand, through calming techniques, exercises. Her experience was evident. Melissa has a very big heart and we were very blessed to have her involved as our Doula." M.Y.



"Melissa was my Doula for my Home Birth. Thanks to her excellent service (from 5 month of pregnancy until post-partum follow-up), I've got the most amazing experience ever of a Home birth! Melissa is very professional, extremely well organized, gifted of empathy, able to provide an excellent support and to be a successful coach as well. In order to avoid stress and to not be anxious during my Home birth, I was looking for a coach (a Doula). I found the perfect one, and her name is Melissa Bone!

It is very so natural and without no hesitation that I warmly recommend Melissa's services. She has been my "Doula-Mom". She had a lot of attentions for me (much more than I expected) and she has been available everytime I needed. I feel blessed to have met her at West Lincoln Hospital. I thank God to have put Melissa on my path.

THANKS A BUNCH!!!! Melissa, thanks to you, I felt like I won the gold medal during the olympics! :) Thanks to you, I realized I was able to deliver 100% naturally, and "enjoy" every moment of it (even though it was kind of a bit painful ;-)

Melissa a été ma Doula pour mon accouchement à la maison. Grâce à son excellent service (dès mes 5 mois de grossesse jusqu'au suivi post-partum), j'ai eu une superbe expérience d'un accouchement à la maison. Melissa a su faire preuve d'un grand professionnalisme, d'une organisation hors pair, d'une empathie incroyable et elle a été capable d'un support et d'un coaching impeccable. Je recherchais un coach (a doula) afin de ne pas avoir de stress et de ne pas être anxieuse le jour de mon accouchement. J'ai trouvé la personne parfaite et elle se prénomme Melissa Bone!

C'est donc sans aucune hésitation que je recommande les services de Melissa. Elle a été ma "maman-doula". Elle a été très attentionnée (bien plus que je n'aurais espéré) et très disponible en tout temps. Je remercie Dieu d'avoir fait en sorte que Melissa croise mon chemin.

MERCI MILLE FOIS!!! Melissa, grâce à toi, j'ai eu l'impression de remporter la médaille d'or aux Jeux olympiques! Grâce à toi, j'ai réalisé que j'tais capable d'avoir un accouchement 100% naturel et d'en "d'apprécier" chaque instant (même si c'était quand même un peu douloureux ;-)" - HP



My excellent experience with Melissa

"As I patiently awaited the arrival of my first child, I was looking to surround myself with a positive support system in the delivery room.

After researching exensively on what would be the best option for our delivery, the term Birth Doula kept popping up. "A woman who offers emotional and physical support to a woman and her partner before, during and after delivery". What could be more perfect?

Melissa came highly recommended by her colleagues and I can say the moment we met her I knew why. Her voice and demeanor is both calming and reassuring even in the most stressful of times and boy did we ever fall on stressful times.

Throughout my pregnancy Melissa was available to me 24/7. Answering silly questions only first time Mums can have. Her calm wisdom guided and prepared us for what was to come on delivery day.

After leaking fluid for days and being sent home from the hospital in that time, Melissa was a huge support as I dealt with the approaching delivery. Once I was admitted to the hospital we dealt with one mistake after another. Even though I certainly fell through the cracks of our medical system, Melissa never ceased to amaze us. Dealing with the fact I wouldn't get my natural delivery and that my son would need to stay in NICU for a week, she guided us, protected us and calmed us in these most intense 24 hours of our lives.

I can say we could not have done it without her. She has even taken the time after delivery to check on us and have postnatal help available if needed.

Thank you Melissa for all that you have done and all you continue to do. You certainly found your calling in life." - CP, JK and OK


We feel so blessed to have had Melissa Bone as our doula for the delivery of our baby.

"It was recommended by my Naturopath that we consider a doula to coach us through the delivery process but she strongly encouraged us to do our research and make sure that we are 100% comfortable with the person. So I set out and did my research. After speaking to 3 other doulas and not feeling like they were the right fit for us, I asked at my doctor’s office if they had any recommendations and they suggested Melissa Bone. So, I called Melissa and within minutes of speaking with her on the phone, I knew she was the PERFECT match for my husband and I. Melissa’s calm, soothing and gentle demeanor even over the phone gave me such confidence that she was the one! She proved to be one of the best decisions we made in preparation for our delivery. Prior to our delivery date, Melissa invested great interest in preparing us for the day. She provided me meditation CDs which I listened to the weeks leading up to my delivery. As well, she even attended one of my appointments because my husband could not be there. She volunteered to be there for other appointments as well which was so kind of her. On the day of the birth of our baby, Melissa was instrumental in moving the delivery along. As a result of her coaching me into different and difficult by helpful positions, my delivery was luckily very fast.



She reassured me every step of the way that I could do it… At one point when the pain was so great, I asked her for her honest opinion about whether or not I should have an epidural because I wasn’t sure how much longer I could handle the pain, and she said “you’ve got this.” She gave me such confidence and the reassurance that I needed to carry on. She also gave my husband a great sense of peace taking a great deal of pressure off of him as a first time father. We feel so incredibly blessed to have had Melissa as part of our birth process and we can say that she was instrumental in making our delivery truly a most beautiful experience. She will always be remembered and cherished as an earth angel in the birth of our baby! With all our hearts we thank you Melissa!" - CF



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